Company Info

Confidence Cleaning Services Company was established in 1989. The main service categories included the general cleaning of different estates, offices from commercial building and plazas, etc. General cleaning in estate includes the public cleaning, pest control, rubbish collection.

Start from 1995, we built up our mobile high level cleaning team with workers whose awarded by CITA of gondola platfrom certification. We spread the service area from interior to exterior area: building curtain wall cleaning, external wall / windows cleaning and external water tube cleaning.

From 1996 Confidence Cleaning Services Company has been registered as a limited company. We categorized our services into three main fields:
1) High level cleaning services
2) General cleaning services
3) Marble wall cleaning services

In the mid of 2001, we built our subsidary company . We purchased the temporary gondola, high-level platform truck, high-level aluminum platform and more necessary cleaning equipments as our assets. Those equipments are used in our cleaning project and also promoted to rent to other company for different cleaning projects.

For each cleaning project, we assign a certificated supervisor to manage the process respectively. Their main responsibilities will include the time control of the process, the manipulations of the staff.

No less than 500 cleaning projects have been carried out through the years. With the spirit to provide the entire professional cleaning services to our clients, we invested in our assets such as the main office in Chai Wan Kailey Industrial centre, the high-level platform truck, the gondolas and the aerial platforms. With our long and profound historical record in the Hong Kong cleaning industry, our professional building cleaning service, which able to cover every areas of the building (internally and externally), has been built to be our main strength.

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