Our main customers

We are honoured to have had provided our cleaning projects through the years, for the following clients including different hotels, property management companies, food goods companies, etc. :

1. Habour Plaza Hong Kong (Hotel)

2. Rosedale On The Park (Hotel)

3. City Garden Hotel

4. Maxim's Caterers Ltd

5. Linkwell Property Management Ltd

6. CREA management Ltd

7. CB Richard Ellis Ltd

8. The Hong Kong Electric Co Ltd

And we have carried out the cleaning projects in different sites like:

1. Harbour Plaza Hong Kong

2. , Harbour Plaza Metropolis

3. Harbour Plaza North Point

4. Harbour Plaza Resort City

5. The Kowloon Hotel

6. City Garden Hotel

7. Tern Centre

8. Rosedale On The Park

9. New Capital Company Centre


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